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In these years, I’ve been trying to widen my skills with the aim of becoming a cross-sectoral researcher, in the position of being able to understand historical and archaeological features as much as the importance of making them accessible for all. Personally, I think this era is nearby a deep transformation-shift, which will drastically influence and change the socio-working scenarios. The promotion of culture, in its wider sense of landscapes, monuments, local and specific traditions will be fundamental for the future of the European community. My current research focuses on the role of 3D datasets and visualisations to sustainably connect scientific research, urban planning, and community initiatives.



So.Lo DesignLab

“Impossibile che arte umana arrivi a fare tanta opera e così naturale”



All’Alba della Scrittura

Today is the inauguration day of the exhibition: “All’Alba della Scrittura: Le prime forme di amministrazione contabile nel mondo egeo”. The exhibition will guide you…

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Bambulab X1C

Have you tried the new X1C by Bambulab? I’ve finally received it and I can now say out loud that this 3D printer is fantastic…

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Rome Reborn 3D cast collection

Apollo , so-called “Adonis of Centocelle” by arte-classica on Sketchfab Check the entire exhibition produced by the Flyover’ team by clicking here. “Boston Throne” by…

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